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Case Study DTE Energy Community

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How DTE grew their community impact and engagement


With multiple areas of coommunity engagement, DTE needed one place to share collective efforts, provide a foundation for community groups and to promote events at their sponsored park.


We designed three integrated sites that operated collectively with shared blog posts as welll as independently based on audience wants, needs and entry points. Each site is energized with engaging video headers and high impact colors, while the back end streamlined efforts for posting daily information stories and updates

“to come”

Susan Stec???

Case Study DTE Energy

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How DTE tripled its goals for a new product launch


After developing a new in-home electric repair program, DTE Home Protection Plus required a new creative approach to meet ROI expectations. How and where to launch this product became our challenge.


We took charge by creating an integrated campaign consisting of direct mail, targeted digital ads and a microsite. First up, we created detailed customer personas and tested three creative approaches to hone in on the best responding campaign.

We then developed a mailing list targeting customer profiles and implemented an online programmatic geo-targeted campaign that connected prospects to a microsite that allowed them an easy two-step process to sign up.

Electrifying results

The campaign broke ground for DTE Home Protection Plus with some never-before-seen results.

Exceeded overall enrollment goal by

Online enrollments accounted for 20% (previous plans acquired little to no enrollments via online)

Gained market share outside of Wayne County (previously a struggle)

30% of enrollments in Oakland County

15% of enrollments in Macomb County

“When we have a new product that we want to launch successfully we always turn to the team at Group 55. The company is filled with the most amazing, creative minds who make magic happen. I can honestly say Group 55 is responsible for our newest product line’s early success!”

“This is our success story.”

Matt Zabiega
Principal Marketing Specialist

Case Study Chase Plastics

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How Chase Plastics doubled website traffic visitors and stay time


The previous website was designed around an industry tradeshow – and redesigned every three years, incurring unnecessary costs. The site lacked any semblance of UX/UI, was not mobile-friendly, had no search button or SEO. Site traffic was low, with little time spent on page. And as a resin distributor, the site performance was critical to business success.


We took a fresh look at ‘why Chase’ and uncovered the real story about real people with real solutions. We took resin to the reality of powerful results by building a fresh new website from the ground up featuring the real team, critical UX/UI, SEO optimization and targeted Google AdWord campaigns. The campaign spilled over into all collateral, a sales kit and ad campaign – with staying power to save exponentially over the previous method.

Introduced new brand look and content around their service ?differentiator

Rethought the UI/UX using analytics, industry research and surveys

Rewrote content to bring forward key terms and optimized by industry verticals

Created user friendly search features

Built and hosted on WordPress for easier CMS and auto updates

Provided project management including custom art, photography and filming

Added supplier logo outbound links to support content

“Group 55 has quickly become a great asset to our team. In line with our core values, they perform with a sense of urgency, meet our high expectations and turn around projects on-time and on budget. They listen to our ideas and develop concepts that are fresh and relevant to our company, industry and needs. We couldn’t be happier with the work Group 55 has done for us and their professionalism in managing and producing varied projects that will set us apart from the competition.”

Thank you for all of the great work you are doing for Chase Plastics!

Sherry Cudd
Advertising Manager

Cutting to the chase…

We implemented PPC, Social Media and eblast campaigns . And through monitoring and analytics, we optimized the site based on key performance trackers .

…to get results

  • Increased time spent on page by 65%

  • Increased unique page views by 40%

  • Increased mobile usage 105%

  • 944 downloads over 8 week period

Results translated

Digital campaign including eblasts, website promotion and ads led to:

  • 200% increase in leads over last event

  • Top performer in securing online show registrations

  • Client contact received leadership award for rebranding efforts

  • Website was recently awarded a 2018 Hermes Platinum award for website design

Case Study Amcor

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How Amcor packaged up the right tools for reps success


As a global leader in developing and producing packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical and other products , Amcor Rigid Plastics was second to none in delivering the best product. Arming their sales team with the right vehicle with the right message for each speciality market – for any point in the sales funnel– was the challenge.


We created multiple vehicles with visually-engaging content specific to each industry verticle, including:

Solutions brochures

Product offering catalogs

Unique 3D mailers

Custom kits


Tradeshow booths

Press releases


Capabilities brochures

“Group 55 is a true partner to our business and understands the complexities of our industry by immersing themselves in our day to day activities. They understand that they aren’t just a marketing firm that handles our projects, but an extension of our marketing staff. Their staff does what it takes to get the job done – on time and on budget!”

Latricia Fry
Marketing Manager Diversified Products Division 
Amcor Rigid Plastics, North America