fresh + methodology

Listen. Look. Repeat.

We’re brand tinkerers. We think, we listen and then we do. From your untapped market potential to any overlooked messages, we leave nothing unturned. Our campaigns start with our Smash 55 Process – an intense discovery phase that reveals your inner superstar.

The SMASH 55 Process.

We put your brand under the microscope

We ask why? What if? Why not?

We scrutinize your customers, your company culture, your industry

We pit you against the competition to tap into your differentiators

We create your special sauce

We turn your unique selling proposition
upside down by looking at it from a new angle

We blend nuggets of information with sparks of imagination for a fresh spin

We develop messaging that reflects your brand voice and standard

We test and see what sticks

We create various approaches to see what resonates best

We check in with different audiences to get a 360 perspective

We refine, combine and align messages and strategies

We create a plan of attack

We find opportunities – traditional and new mediums – to reach your audience – what is your competition doing that you’re not?

We work with you pre-launch to define benchmarks and metrics

We go for it. Again and again.

We launch

We measure, we tweak, we report, we adapt to your systems

We work side by side to do it again and again!